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22' glider with trailer $600 (92886)
Listed by: terry

apears complete first $600 owns it

American Falcon sailplane kit $3500 ( Eagan, Minnesota 55121)
Listed by: Fred Hewitt

85% completed, 85% remaining

DG-300 Elan $29,500. ( Saratoga Springs, NY)
Listed by: Dan Senecal

Very nice, 1593hrs.

Glider AC-4 Aviastroitel $21,000 ( Russia)
Listed by: Alex

Glider AC-4 is a single type of ultralight glider.

L-23 Supper Blanik Rear canopy $600+Ship ( Madison CT)
Listed by: George J Young

Rolladen-Schneider LS1-d D-1414 (14) $ ( USA)
Listed by: Collins wright

Standard Cirrus $14500 (Pennsylvania)
Listed by: David Reitter

New instrument panel

Ventus 2B $ 65000 ( Chicago Area)
Listed by: Robert Macys

2000 Ventus 2B and trailer. Good condition. Many extras.

Ventus b 16.6 for sale $44200 (Pretoria South Africa)
Listed by: Hanno du Toit

VENTUS B 16.6 Serial number 207. Year 1984


2006 Pipistrel Virus 912 touring motorglider $90,000 ( College Park, MD)
Listed by: Hugh McElrath
on:06/08/2015 Updated: 04/16/2017

105 kt cruise on 3.5 gal/hour, 24:1 L/D with prop feathered

Grob 103SL $20 ( wichita ks)
Listed by: robert holliday
on:10/24/2016 Updated: 10/25/2016

New. Re-usable air cleaners with two packets of oil.

SZD-45A Ogar 2-seat trainer $34,000 ( Pullman WA)
Listed by: Michael Tarola
on:08/23/2014 Updated: 07/01/2015

self-launching, well-instrumented, easy to fly - intended for beginner


Carat wheels $100.00 ( minden, nv)
Listed by: Tom Stowers

Garmin 430 WAAS $4000
Listed by: Parenti

Garmin 430 WAAS

Garmin GTN 750 $8400 (Columbiana)
Listed by: Bonino

In perfect condition

L-23 Tail wheel rubber mounts Set of 3 $105 + SH ( Madison CT)
Listed by: George J Young

MH EDS 02D1 Oxygen System $ 600 ( Minden)
Listed by: Tom Stowers
on:07/14/2016 Updated: 08/13/2016

New Rotax 912 ULSER Enging $11,000 ( United States)
Listed by: Hutson Floyd

About= The Rotax 912 is a normally aspirated, air- and water-cooled, horizontally opposed four-cylin

Oxygen bottle $100 ( Minden, NV)
Listed by: Philip Plane
on:07/23/2016 Updated: 07/24/2016

Luxfer bottle with Aerox regulator

Oxygen bottle $30 ( Minden, NV)
Listed by: Philip Plane
on:07/23/2016 Updated: 07/24/2016

Avox oxygen bottle

Oxygen bottle $50 ( Minden, NV)
Listed by: Philip Plane
on:07/23/2016 Updated: 07/24/2016

Luxfer oxygen bottle

Oxygen bottle $20 ( Minden, NV)
Listed by: Philip Plane
on:07/23/2016 Updated: 07/24/2016

Wire wound steel oxygen bottle

OZONE BUZZ Z4 Paraglider $1400
Listed by: allen caldwell
on:02/14/2017 Updated: 02/15/2017

pegasus tail dolly, might fit ASW 19 &20 $
Listed by: john scott williams

very nice tail dolly for a pegasus, might fit ASW 19 &20. $250 plus shipping

ROTAX 912 ULS $7999 ( Finland)
Listed by: Bruce


Security 150 Parachute (Canopy Only) Make Offer ( Clifton Park, NY)
Listed by: Ray Walling

26' Pilot bailout parachute - canopy only. Last packed/certified March 2016

tost 500 x 5 wheel $175.00 ( minden, nv)
Listed by: Tom Stowers
on:01/03/2017 Updated: 04/16/2017

tost-500 x 5 wheel $400.00 ( minden, nv)
Listed by: Tom Stowers


GARMIN 530 $5300 (La Mesa, CA 91942, USA )
Listed by: Gomez Landry

LX8080 $2600 ( Spain)
Listed by: Martinez Vijuescas

2 1/4" UMA Altimeter $135
Listed by: Steve Bralla

ATR600 $425
Listed by: Ross
on:10/08/2016 Updated: 03/03/2017

Becker 4201 $385
Listed by: Ross

Becker AR4201 Radio $470 (Ludwigshafen, Germany)
Listed by: Stefan Kuse

including Form One

Becker internal 2.4 V battery for memory 40 ( Ontario, Canada)
Listed by: PAUL YARDY

Becker internal 2.4 V battery for memory

Cambridge 302 & 303 $800 US (Australia)
Listed by: Nick Gilbert

Vario / logger / navigation display

Cambridge L-NAV for sale 350 $ ( Hungary)
Listed by: Veigli Szabolcs

Due to instrument change Cambridge L-NAV without GPS for sale

Cambridge LNav $75 ( Minden, NV)
Listed by: Philip Plane

Cambridge LNav with vario display

Cambridge LNav $50 ( Minden, NV)
Listed by: Philip Plane

Cambridge LNav

Cambridge SNav $100 ( Minden, NV)
Listed by: Philip Plane

SNav with vario display

Craggy Aero Ultimate Flight Computer $ 1900 ( San Diego, CA)
Listed by: Irena
on:12/27/2013 Updated: 03/25/2017

Crossfell Mk. II Variometer System $50 (Yukon, OK, USA)
Listed by: James Duea

Vintage Crossfell Audio Variometer with speaker and TE compensator

EW microRecorder $50 ( Minden, NV)
Listed by: Philip Plane

EW microRecorder

For sale LX7007 IGC Pro $1950 ( Bournemouth UK)
Listed by: Mark Hawkins

Complete Vario, nav, flight computer, FLARM and IGC logger. Cables, manual and speaker included.

FREE! Compaq Aero 1500 to a good home $10 ship (Chicago)
Listed by: John DeRosa

Fueser Comm Transceiver ATR500 250$ (Germany)
Listed by: Martin Schulz
on:05/29/2016 Updated: 04/17/2017

German glider club has comm transceiver Fueser ATR500 for sale

Garmin GNS430W 3600euro (Spain)
Listed by: William Mathew

Garmin GTN 750 $7500 ( United States)
Listed by: Hutson Floyd

I have the GTN 750 for sale, contact me for more details.

Garmin GTN-650 $8000 ( Houston)
Listed by: Sean Connor

Like new.

Garmin GTN-650 $7500 ( Sacramento)
Listed by: Antonio Craig

New Garmin GTN-650, never been installed.

Glider Radio $250 ( 79194 Wildtal, Germany)
Listed by: StephanSchmitz

Dittel FSG 40 S

Goddard PS-5a power supply & data transfer $50 ( Atlanta, GA)
Listed by: Chris Ruf
on:06/04/2016 Updated: 11/19/2016

supply & data transfer

ICOM Radio $125.00 ( Minden, NV)
Listed by: Tom Stowers

LX 5000 flight computer with logger $600 ( Minden, NV)
Listed by: Tom Stowers
on:10/20/2016 Updated: 03/02/2017

LX 5000 V.11 $700 ( Ontario)
Listed by: springfo
on:08/25/2016 Updated: 04/17/2017

Flight Computer and Vario

LX8080 $2800 (Florida)
Listed by: Gregor Joyce


LXNAV FlarmView57 $200 ( Colorado)
Listed by: Wheaton
on:05/24/2016 Updated: 11/15/2016

virtually new. Now redundant because of new instrument

Microair T2000 combo kit $2000 ( USA)
Listed by: Michael

PDA Cradle with metal Goosneck & DB-9 extension cable $30.00 ( Madison CT)
Listed by: George J Young

PDA Cradle with metal goosneck & DB-9 extensioon cable

radio Backer AR 3201 $340 ( arizona)
Listed by: pierantonio fassina
on:05/19/2016 Updated: 08/17/2016

Radio: Becker AR3201 $ offers ( England)
Listed by: Mike Randle

System price reduced to $1950!!! LXNAV S80 Variometer with LXNAV Nano and Naviter Oudie2 (including cables) $1950.00 ( Show Low, AZ)
Listed by: Tom Holloran
on:08/23/2016 Updated: 10/01/2016

LXNAV S80 Variometer with LXNAV Nano and Naviter Oudie2 (system price new is $2690)

Telex TEL-66T Microphones $35 - $15 ( Madison CT)
Listed by: George J Young

Two working W/90 Deg plug, One factory refurbished w/straight plug, One TEL-66C poor operation Obs

Transponder: Garmin GTX 320 A Mode A/C 700 $ ( Stuttgart Germany)
Listed by: Nils Prokisch
on:11/01/2016 Updated: 11/02/2016

Trigg TT21 for sale $1700 ( Savannah)
Listed by: Tom Horne

VHF Radio: Microair Avionics M760 AM Transreceiver Best Offer ( NL)
Listed by: Frank Schellenberg

Perfectly working 25kHz VHF transreceiver. Make me an offer!

Westerboer 910/921 Vario/computer; in m/s. $225 (NY)
Listed by: RJ Stutzmann

Works very well, nice audio vario.

Westerboer VW 921 electronic variometer $250 (Virginia)
Listed by: Pete Appleby

Legendary performance

Winter ASI, metric, 6FMS 421 $200 US ( NY)
Listed by: RJ Stutzmann

Marked for DG300


a light aircraft for sale $150000 ( Brovary)
Listed by: Alexander Kovach
on:07/22/2016 Updated: 12/27/2016

brake pads and rivets $20 ( Wichita KS USA)
Listed by: robert holliday

Grob 103SL parts

Clouddancer for Discus b WL $ 700 ( VA)
Listed by: Stefan

Fuel bladder for Schempp-Hirth ? ( MInden, NV)
Listed by: Serge Serfaty
on:01/02/2017 Updated: 01/26/2017

Fuel bladder from a Ventus 2CxM

Instrument Panel Blanik L-23 $ offer ( Madison CT)
Listed by: George J Young
on:01/11/2015 Updated: 02/06/2016

Blank front & rear Blanik L-23 instrument panels. Qty 3 front 2 rear

L-23 Blanik Seat Backs $Offer ( Madison CT)
Listed by: George J Young

Two Seat back inserts hard foam and plastic

Lightspeed XL noise cancelling headset - fully functional with broken part shipping $ (Ottawa, ON, CA)
Listed by: Jarek
on:12/14/2014 Updated: 12/04/2016

Lightspeed XL 20 - broken earmuff hanger - for spare parts

TOST release hook $200 ( Winnipeg Manitoba Canada)
Listed by: mike maskell

Ventus landing gear $700 ( Minden Nevada)
Listed by: Tom Stowers
on:12/08/2016 Updated: 04/16/2017


ASW Tailskid with wheel $
Listed by: Steve Rusinowski

Tailskid with wheel for ASW19

ASW24b Water Ballast System $
Listed by: Rick Walters

Looking for any part of the ASW24 water ballast system.

Enclosed Trailer Wanted $
Listed by: Stephen Jones

Looking for a good used enclosed trailer.

Need your Glider Buying Tips
Listed by: Bill Palmer
on:11/06/2011 Updated: 09/16/2015

Share your lessons learned with others for the Glider Buying Tips page

Open or closed trailer for use with a 1-26 on East Coast or in Midwest $ ( Washington, DC)
Listed by: Bryan Bowlsbey

PIK 20 D Horizontal Stabilizer $1 ( Nevada)
Listed by: Mary Movius

Looking for an elevator/horizontal stabilizer for a PIK 20 D model.

Used Power Flarm Wanted $ ( Grimsby, Ontario, Canada)
Listed by: Gino Cavicchioli

Used Power Flarm wanted

WTB - Mountain High Oxygen Pulse Demand EDS- O2D1 $
Listed by: John DeRosa
on:05/31/2013 Updated: 06/04/2015

WTB Nano or EW GPS/Datalogger $ (Utah)
Listed by: Gene Reinecke

Looking for original Nano as data logger and send GPS to LXNAV S80

Tow plane

Cleveland Brake Assy P/N: 30-63A (New) Qty 2 $882 ( Madison CT 06443)
Listed by: George J Young
on:12/31/2016 Updated: 04/16/2017

Brand New Brake Assembly fits L-19 Bird Dog

Piper Pawnee 260 US$70000
Listed by: Ross
on:03/02/2016 Updated: 11/29/2016


Airplane Title Loans and Helicopter. $
Listed by: Rickey
on:04/29/2016 Updated: 10/06/2016

Do you hold title to Airplane. we do Airplane Title Loan

Import Assistance for Gliders into Canada $ ( Cambridge, Ontario)
Listed by: springfo
on:01/25/2014 Updated: 02/01/2014

Need help importing a glider to Canada ?

Treasure Coast Motorgliding $ ( Vero Beach, FL)
Listed by: Frank Bernaby
on:09/01/2015 Updated: 09/30/2015

Self Launch Instruction