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Use + and - before a word to require or exclude in it search criteria,
'+' : all returned entries must have this word,
'-' : don't return entries that have this word,
otherwise the search will match on any of the listed terms.
Example: glider +used -damage

Site Features

Here's some of the reasons that make a great place to post and read soaring-related ads.

Modern Architecture

Glidersource is a database-driven, automatically operated site. Ads are available immediately after posting.

Everything Soaring Related

Glidersource provides a place to list anything soaring related, even services, alerts, and want ads.

Total Control: Your ad, your way.

You have total control over your ad 24/7. Ad space is generous, and includes rich-text formatting. Post, update, and control the display of your ad (turn on and off) any time, instantly.

All of your ads can be managed easily from one page: Click "My Ads" in the menu, or also when viewing your own ad.

Rich Content

You're not just limited to a paragraph of plain text. Rich text formatting tools are provide to give your ad formatting to enhance information transfer, along with choices of font sizes and styles. You are also free to include an external website address, and a YouTube video link that will play right inside the ad when viewed.

Search functions

Search for ads in multiple ways.

  • The search box below the menu searches the title, description, manufacturer, location, and subtitle. Use "+" and "-" before a search term to require ads to have that word or ignore ads with that word.
  • Click on the manufacturer name to see all ads of that same manufacturer
  • Click on the seller's name to see all ads by that seller
  • Use the category menu buttons to list only a single category
  • Use the Map to see all items with a location provided. Mouse-over the map icon to see the title, click on the icon to go to the ad.

Large Photos and Video

Glidersource allows you to upload up to 3 photos, and a YouTube video link. Photos are automatically resized for you, to fit within a generous 800x800 pixel limit. The first photo is used as the ad's thumbnail image.

Default Ad Text

You can set your default ad text for the location and item description parts of your ads. The text will automatically appear in the respective fields when a new ad is created (you can then modify it as desired). Use this to automatically put in your contact, shipping, payment policies or other standard information without having to craft the language for each ad. To set the default text, go to My Account , Default Text, and click the Edit Personal information" button.

Instant Notification

Learn about new items quickly and easily in the way that suits you best.

  • Subscribe to new ads, and be instantly notified by email when a new ad is posted. Be among the first to know of a great new item. Go to My Account, click "yes" under "Email Notification Options"
  • Subscribe via RSS. Use a news reader to see recent additions to Glidersource ads.
  • Subscribe to @Glidersource on twitter. New ads are posted
  • Follow Glidersource. on Facebook at

Easy Sign In

Use your email address to sign in with the password of your choice (no complicated password rules to deal with). If you forget your password, we'll email it to you (no reset required). Check the "Keep me signed in" box to stay signed in for up to a year (same computer, same browser).

Most Recent Ads List

The Most Recent Ads page provides a quick way to see recent activity across all ad categories. The most recent ads are also listed in the RSS feed.


When logged in and viewing an ad, you can "favorite" an ad by clicking the heart icon. Then refer to the My Favorites link in the menu to display your favorites. Favorited items remain in your favorites list when sold (so that they don't mysteriously disappear from your favorites list). Other users cannot see if you have favorited an ad. The ad's author can only see that someone has, but not who. See the help page for details on using favorites.

Built in Messaging

Each ad features a built in messaging function. This has several advantages:

  • Your email address is not displayed (unless you decide to include it in your ad)
  • The responder can reply to your ad from any computer without having to have an email account linked to that computer (great for public sites like libraries)
  • Messages sent to the ad author can be read on the site (click "My Messages" in the menu)
  • Messages sent from unknown persons are approved by an administrator first for spam control, so only legitimate messages get through.
  • Reply form contains "captcha" device to prevent automated entries by non-humans, reducing spam.
  • Each message sent includes the IP address of the sender, embedded in a link for easy checking of message source location. This helps to evaluate the legitimacy of the message.

Google Map

All ads with a location are placed on the Google map. Each type of item is represented by a different icon. Holding your mouse over the item reveals the title, clicking on the icon takes you to the ad.

Each ad also has a pop-out map showing the approximate location (as detailed as the ad author chose to be)

Note: multiple items of the same type in the same location, may mask each other on the map display. Since multiple ads in the same location are likely posted by the same person, click on one ad, then click on the ad author's name to see all of his/her listings.

Ad Hit Log

You can view a detailed hit log for each of your ads (or all of your ads together). The log details the exact date and time of each page view of the ad, as well as the IP address of the viewer (with built-in IP decoder link) and if the viewer was a logged in user. Glidersource respects privacy, so you can't see exactly who viewed your ad, but you can see much more than just a hit counter.


Glidersource provides sharing buttons on every ad to make it easy for you and others to spread the word about each ad.

The Glidersource page for each item uses the item's title as the HTML page title, for better sharing results.

Additionally, new listings are posted to our facebook page and our twitter account, and available in the RSS feed.


Flagging allows account holders to notify the site administrators of inappropriate content. All activity on the site is monitored by the administrators, but users may be able to highlight a problem area early on.

Glider Buying Tips

Our Glider Buying Tips page offers tips on a wide variety of subjects gathered from a number of different sources, including links to government aviation and manufacturer's websites. Would you like to add to it? Send content or comments to