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Wanted Ads

9 ads sorted by posting date.
ASW Tailskid with wheel
Tailskid with wheel for ASW19
  ( ) posted by Steve Rusinowski (1) on 03/15/2017
ASW24b Water Ballast System
Looking for any part of the ASW24 water ballast system.
  ( ) posted by Rick Walters (1) on 11/10/2016
PIK 20 D Horizontal Stabilizer
Looking for an elevator/horizontal stabilizer for a PIK 20 D model.
  ( Nevada) posted by Mary Movius (1) on 11/04/2016
Open or closed trailer for use with a 1-26 on East Coast or in Midwest
Any (1) ( Washington, DC) posted by Bryan Bowlsbey (1) on 08/18/2016
Used Power Flarm Wanted
Used Power Flarm wanted
  ( Grimsby, Ontario, Canada) posted by Gino Cavicchioli (1) on 06/12/2016
WTB Nano or EW GPS/Datalogger
Looking for original Nano as data logger and send GPS to LXNAV S80
LXNAV (4) (Utah) posted by Gene Reinecke (1) on 03/26/2016
Enclosed Trailer Wanted
Looking for a good used enclosed trailer.
  ( ) posted by Stephen Jones (1) on 12/29/2015
WTB - Mountain High Oxygen Pulse Demand EDS- O2D1
  ( ) posted by John DeRosa (2) on 05/31/2013 Updated on 06/04/2015
Need your Glider Buying Tips
Share your lessons learned with others for the Glider Buying Tips page
  posted by Bill Palmer (1) on 11/06/2011 Updated on 09/16/2015 link icon