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Use + and - before a word to require or exclude in it search criteria,
'+' : all returned entries must have this word,
'-' : don't return entries that have this word,
otherwise the search will match on any of the listed terms.
Example: glider +used -damage


Please Support this Website is supported by its customers. Excellent customer service, outstanding features, and ease of use are my mission. If you feel this website is providing a good service, please consider a donation to help keep it going.

GliderSource is all about helping you buy and sell Soaring items, and promote soaring worldwide. There is no retail outlet to support it or compete with it. That's why you can list anything, not just some things.

Advertising costs are our most expensive outlays, and we pay them to attract visitors to your ads.

Make a Contribution

Please consider a donation. The donation amount fee is a suggested 1% of the selling price. But you pay nothing until you sell your item, and even then if you want to pay nothing, you pay nothing. So start your ad for free. If you don't sell, the ad is free, if you don't want to pay, the ad is free. It's up to you, as it should be.

There aren't many things in life that you only pay what you feel it's worth, this is one. Of course, if everyone feels the other guy should be the one contribuiting, then the site can't survive long term.

The PayPal donate button will let you donate any amount you desire. Any amount is appreciated.

Thank you.

Spread the Word

Help publicize your ad by letting others know about GliderSource Poster

  • Be sure to use the Facebook Like and other sharing buttons on your ad. The GliderSource page with your ad on it is titled with your item, so that it promotes your item.
  • Use to tweet your ad's page.
  • Print out this poster on standard copy paper and post it where other pilots can see it.

Tell me what you think!

I need to hear from fellow pilots if I'm doing a good job. Please the contact page to send me your thoughts, suggestions, questions, or complaints.