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Avoiding Scams

False Sellers

Glidersource verifies that a seller's provided email address works, and records the IP address of new accounts. Beyond that it is difficult to judge the legitimacy of a seller, as is the case on many other classified ad websites. Caution is always advised, and personal contact encouraged, before sending payment. is not able to offer any type of buyer or seller protection.

Clicking on a seller's name will reveal when their glidersource account was created and how many total and current ads that seller has posted (deleted ads are not counted).

If you suspect that an ad is fraudulent, or uses inappropriate content (e.g., stolen photo), please flag the ad flagand send an email to explaining your objection.

False Buyers

Beware of purchase scams. They are quite common, and you do not want your enthusiasm to sell your item to overtake your sense of caution when dealing with potential buyers.

There are some clues that a message a potential buyer sends is part of a scam. Often the English is poor, misspelled, or using awkward language. The scammer will often have a Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail address (as will many perfectly legitimate buyers). The scammer probably knows almost nothing about the item you are selling, which may be another clue. Here's an actual message sent to some sellers through's contact feature (note punctuation errors):

Am making inquiry on the (item name) you have for sale..However,i 'll like to know the price for it....Also,i want to know if it's still available.Do send pictures of it ... 

Helping protect you against scams

All messages sent through are monitored.

Messages from non-account holders are checked for potential scams before sending on to you.

All messages include an IP address link, so you can check to see where the sender was located before responding.

In this case, both the price and pictures were included in the ad, so that right there is a tip off that something isn't right.

In another case, the "buyer's" initial message was not the dead give away, but his response later was:

Thanks so much for the swift response, I am glad you still have it available for sale,now i will like you to please remove the Ad from the site and stop any transaction you must have been having with anybody pertaining to this item because i am ready to make the payment.

I will issue a certified Paycheck in payment of the item due to the nature of my job because I'm out of town,The paycheck will include the cost of shipping because i dont want any delay ,while my International shipping company will come for pick up at a convenient later day once the certified check payment has been confirmed cashed by you . I will need you to provide me with the following information to facilitate the mailing of the payment:

(1)Your full name:
(2) Contact address where payment will be sent to:
(3) Tell/cell numbers:
I Await your response as soon as possible.

In this message we have:

  • Unusual capitalization, punctuation (capitalized "Ad", "Paycheck"," International", but not "i", no apostrophe in "dont")
  • Request to take down the ad
  • Strange sentence structure (" stop any transaction you must have been having with anybody pertaining to this item because i am ready to make the payment. ")
  • Use of a "certified" check for payment
  • Involvement of a third part for pick up ( "my International shipping company will come for pick up at a convenient later day")

Unknown to the seller, in both cases, the "buyer" had also send virtually the same exact message to a number of other sellers. I (Bill, GliderSource developer) saw the suspicious messages and was in contact with sellers to alert them. (Everyone contacted already knew they were bogus). This is a level of 'protection' offered by using the contact feature of vs. having your email publicly viewable.

Despite the usual clues, some of the scams are more sophisticated and highly customized, and appear on genuine looking company letterheads. There are a number of variations on the theme, see the wikipedia link at the bottom of this page for some common versions of it.

The typical scam involves the buyer agreeing to the price (possibly after a few email exchanges) but having an "agent" or some other third part that will be picking up or inspecting the item, etc. The "buyer" owes the agent some money, but because of some reason (usually involving being away from home or out of the country) will offer to send you a check/ cashier's check for more than the purchase amount. Time is of the essence so, you are permitted to deduct a selling fee and the extra should be sent via western union or some other means right away so that the purchase can continue. In reality,it may take weeks for an international check to properly clear. Do not release property or funds until you are sure this has completed successfully - ask your banker.

Some derivatives of the approach are getting sellers to pay for a pre-purchase inspection to a company that doesn't exist, plus local agents actually coming and quickly picking up the aircraft whilst a fraudulent cheque bounces after the fact.

However, cashier's checks are no longer "just like cash" as they may have been decades ago. They are regularly counterfeited. In fact, if you deposit it with a bank teller, they are likely to warn you that the check is probably no good. HEED THAT WARNING! However, you cannot count on the bank to be able to identify a fraudulent check. Any money you subsequently send to the third part will be your own cash, lost forever, plus the fee for a bounced check!

Beware of Scams using Paypal

There has been an increase in the occurrences of purchase scams using Paypal. The signs may be similar to other purchase scams: poor English, asking for information that's already in the ad, insisting on getting your PayPal account information before  other details are covered, an "agent" to pick up the item, etc. 

One issue is that Paypal's seller protection is fairly weak. Scam buyers may receive the item and complain  that it is the wrong one or broken; and return a different item (or even a brick) demanding a refund.  Using the Postal Service for payment delivery and US Postal Money Orders provide for enforcement at the federal level and are generally more secure than PayPal. Click here for more information from the PayPal community forum. 

Buyers should be aware that a complaint must be filed within 14 days or Paypal will provide very little support to resolve a problem.

Here's one that was attempted to seven separate sellers on Glidersource. They were all intercepted before being forwarded to the seller.

I am Jean Whittington,I want to purchase your item and I will like to know if it's still up for sale and what is the final asking price,I will like to pay using PayPal,After payments has been made,I will arrange for the pick-up and will you let my pick-up agent to come to you house for the pick up?Because i don't want you to worry yourself about the shipment,Kindly get back with more pictures. 

All  initial contact requests sent through come with the sender's IP address coded as a link to allow you to quickly and easily determine where they are most likely sending from.  Here's the link from the above message. IP address (  It was sent from Lithuania!

If you provide your email add dress within your ad, you may be bypassing this useful security tool. 

Please review the information on the following links for actual cases (some are quite entertaining).

Additional Resources


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