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Tefzel Wire 22 gauge shielded/unshielded 1 to 3 conductors
Available - Shielded 1 to 3 conductors and 1 conductor non-shielded
Various (West Dundee, IL) posted by John DeRosa (4) on 06/15/2017 Updated on 07/10/2017
I have a quantity of white MIL-W-22759/16 22 gauge tefzel wire that I am selling cheap in 40ft lengths.  This is all 22 gauge white jacketed wire.  22 gauge is great for all your ship's wiring such as control, audio, and data.  This gauge of wire should not be used for power wiring.

MIL-W-22759/16 wire has extruded ETFE jacketing for aerospace and other applications requiring light weight, tight diameter tolerances, and enhanced mechanical toughness. ETFE insulation also provides exceptional resistance to radiation and chemicals.  Note that tefzel wiring complies with the FAA guidance for aircraft installations due to its fire and abrasion resistance  It is cheap insurance. 

The following wiring types are for sale;

1 conductor non-shielded, 40 feet = $6.00 ($0.15/foot)
1 conductor shielded, 40 feet = $13.00 ($0.33/foot)
2 conductor shielded, 40 feet = $19.00 ($0.48/foot)
3 conductor shielded, 40 feet = $24.00 ($0.60/foot)

$5 flat rate shipping per 40ft length.

I accept PayPal or personal check.

Thanks, John "OHM" Ω

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