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Use + and - before a word to require or exclude in it search criteria,
'+' : all returned entries must have this word,
'-' : don't return entries that have this word,
otherwise the search will match on any of the listed terms.
Example: glider +used -damage



Each listing provides a variety of information about the item.

Click the title or photo to go to the ad.

Click on the manufacturer or seller to see other ads with the same manufacturer, or seller. The number in ( ) indicates the total ads with that manufacturer or seller that will be displayed.


You can search in four easy ways!

One or more words may be entered in the search box. If multiple words are entered, the search function will find entries with any or all of the listed words in any combination of the above fields.

Responding to Ads

You have the option to respond to ads using the built-in contact form. The contact form sends an e-mail to the ad author with's mail server. The e-mail is sent to the author's confirmed e-mail address.

To open the contact form, click on the envelope icon a the top of the ad:

Seller's can see all of the messages sent to their message from the My Messages link in the menu..


Favorites allow you to mark ads for quick reference later. You must be signed in to view and select favorites.

Click "My Favorites" in the menu, to see the ads you have marked as favorites. Your selected favorites are not visible to other members. The ad owner, can only see that the ad was favorited by someone. Ads that you have favorited, that are then marked as "sold", remain visible in your favorites list (but are marked "ITEM SOLD").

When viewing your ads the number of other members that have selected you ad as a favorite is shown as favorite heartx 2.

To select an ad as a favorite:

  • View the ad
  • Click on the heart icon, located near the top of each ad.

To remove an ad from your favorites list:

  • Click "My Favorites" in the menu bar
  • Click the icon will remove that add from your favorites list


  • View the ad
  • If an ad is already in your favorites list it the heart icon will will have a "-" sign in it,
  • clicking the will remove that add from your favorites list.



You must be signed in to flag ads. Users should flag ads that they think are inappropriate (use your own judgement) or violate the Terms of Use.

flagTo flag an ad, click the flag icon. A message will be sent to the administrator to review the ad.

Signing in

Signing in without checking the "keep me signed in" box will automatically sign you out when you close your browser, or when you click "logout."

Signing in with the "keep me signed in" box checked will keep you signed in for up to one year, or until you click "logout."

The sign-in process places a cookie on your computer. The cookie consists only of your member number and is only used to determine if you are currently signed in. Cookies must be enabled in your browser for the sign-in function to work. Since posting an ad requires you to be signed in, you must have cookies enabled to post an ad. Cookies are used by many thousands of websites as a standard practice and are well accepted.

Signing in (or membership) is not required to read and reply to ads.

How to List

Listing is quick and easy. Your ad is available immediately, and you can edit it at any time. 

  1. Create a free account.If you already have a free account, move on to step 2.
    • All it requires is a name, email, and password. 
    • You'll get an instant confirmation email.
    • Click the link in the email to verify your email address. (this ensures your email is correct, and allows you to control your listing). Don't worry, your email address is never given out or sold. 
  2. Log in with your email addres and password
  3. Click "Create Ad" in the menu at the left. 
  4. Write a great ad. You're not limited on space, so spare no details.
    • Be a salesman: SELL your item! Give your personal experience - history, how did it work for you, let the buyer fall in love.
    • Select up to 3 photos to include in your ad.
      Note: The toal upload size is limited. If you get an error while uploading multiple files, try editing your ad and uploading one photo at a time. The total upload volume has been successfully tested at over 12megabytes per upload, but the transmission becomes less reliable above that.
    • Already have a web page with photos and details? Add the web link in the field provided too. Link to a YouTube video showing your item in action!
  5. Click the SUBMIT button.
  6. View your ad and click the share buttons (facebook, twitter, 1+, etc) to help spread the word about your ad. 

Your Ads

Control and information about your ads is accessed by the My Ads link in the menu, when signed in to the website.

From the My Ads page you can elect to edit your ad, mark it as Sold and relist it, or turn the add off and on temporarily (deactivate/reactivate).

Ad Views

The individual listing also shows the number of times the ad was viewed in it's full page display. Views by the ad owner and site administrators are not included in the view count.

Pausing and Resuming Ad display

Ads are only displayed when active. You may pause and resume display your ads at any time. You may want to pause your ads when you are away and don't want to be contacted, or the item is temporarily unavailable.

When an item is sold, you should click the "sold" button under your My Ads page. This also deactivates the ad, but allows members who have marked it as a favorite to see that it is sold. It will also appear in the Recently Sold list for up to 90 days, but only the title data is available—the remainer of the ad is not viewable.

To control your ads' display status:

  • go to your My Ads page (in the lower menu after you sign in).
  • click the "Pause" buttondeactivate button

When an ad is paused the ad is not deleted, but it is no longer displayed to the public. However, you may still access its contents. This may make it easier to copy content for your next ad. This is the same thing that happens on the popular on-line classified ad site (however, they call it "delete" even though the ad is, in fact, not deleted). We think "pause" is a more accurate term.

When your item sells

When your item has sold:

  • go to My Ads,
  • click the "sold" or "sold here" button (for Wanted ads, the button reads 'Acquired here')sold button

Sold Here indicates that your item sold, or in the case of a wanted ad - was acquired, through

This will prevent it from being displayed as available. However, those that have bookmarked as a favorite will be able to see the listing in thier favorites list and it will be marked "SOLD".


If the sale falls through and you need to relist your item,

  • go to My Ads
  • click the "relist" buttonrelist button

Currently, relisting will not affect the listing date posted in the ad. In the future, it may be considered a new listing after a certain waiting period. Tell me how you feel about this - drop me a note through the contact page.

Recent Ads

The Recent Ads list generally provides active listings added in the last 30 days. However, the date range may be expanded to always generate some results.


To be notifed by email as soon as a new ad is placed, subscribe to new listings by signing into the website, click the My Account link in the menu. Then click the Yes button under "Subscribe to new item listings" and click Submit.

You can also subscribe to the latest listings through an RSS feed. Look for the RSS icon rss feedand use a news reader application to subscribe to the listing.