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Tips on Selling a Glider / Motorglider

A collection of resources and opinions to help guide you in how to sell your glider / motorglider.

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Preparing the Ship for Sale

Just like preparing a house for sale, make sure it's clean and smells good (i.e., doesn't smell bad). Wash it, vacuum out the interior, fill the tire, charge the battery.

Make sure it has a current annual inspection, and have logbooks and other documents ready. Be ready to show off the ship's performance records (long distance or high altitude flights? Photos?) Give the buyer something to fall in love with.

Don't forget the trailer. Make sure that is also clean and in good mechanical condition with an up-to-date registration. A buyer is not going to want to have to do repairs to the trailer in order to get the aircraft home.

Setting the Price

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Listing the Sale

Create a web site or listing with all the details!  Even will do.

SELL your item! Give your personal experience - history, how did it work for you, let the buyer fall in love. Consider what factors caused you to buy it in the first place.

On GliderSource, select up to 3 photos to include in your ad. If you already have a web page with photos and details, add the web link in the field provided too. Link to a YouTube video showing your item in action, or giving a tour of its great features.

Remember to include the following details and be specific. Not everyone knows what various electronics are, you may need to further describe their functions:

  • Tail number
  • Total hours
  • Age of glider
  • List of the instrumentation /avionics/batteries
  • List accessories or spare parts that come with the glider (self rigger, parachute, tire/tube, etc.)
  • If recorder included, when last certified.
  • Date of last annual, if out of annual, explain why
  • List the glider specifications (L/D, etc.)
  • Condition:
    • List any defects - you don't want someone showing up and then leaving right away wasting everyone's time.
    • List accident history, if any. (if it is on NTSB you really need to explain why/how)
    • Pictures or repair docs on any significant damage
    • Rate the finish 1 to 10.  Mention the type of finish (people will assume gelcoat)
  • Multiple pictures inside and out
  • Details of the trailer, brand, age, etc.  If home built, add even more details.
  • Provide a link to the Sailplane Directory for this glider
  • ADs should be complied with, so mention it.
  • Provide or be able to send an image of most recent W&B
  • Anything special about the glider (win a contest, reprofiled wings, airbrake warning, custom stuff, winglets, etc.)
  • Price being asked.  Buyers dislike reading about a glider when there is no price.
  • Email and phone number

advice by John DeRosa, Frank Whiteley, & Bill Palmer

Terms and Conditions

Useful Links

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Documentation & Accepting Payment

Rule #1: Nothing leaves the property until payment fully clears. Cash clears instantly, of course. See the Avoid Scams page for warnings about accepting checks, even cashier's checks (especially cashiers's checks!).

Avoiding scams

Review the Avoid Scams page

Be ready for Scammers: you will most likely be receiving emails from "an  honourable gentleman" who is interested in your "product," would like to have more information, pictures, and would like to know your best price. 

He will then be telling you that he's buying, and that his personal  assistant will take delivery. As it happens, he owes his PA some fair amount  cash! He will therefore be transferring more than the agreed price to your account via some dubious banking service (or cashier's check,) asking you to transfer back some amount to his PA. He will, of course, not be answering such basic questions as "where do you  fly from, what sort of glider have you flown before, how is the weather  like in our area,...." make a long story short...beware of scams! 

Advice by Ludovic Launer