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Use + and - before a word to require or exclude in it search criteria,
'+' : all returned entries must have this word,
'-' : don't return entries that have this word,
otherwise the search will match on any of the listed terms.
Example: glider +used -damage

Terms of Use

  1. Posting Content
    1. Glider Source is intended for posting for-sale and wanted ads for soaring related items. Other items may be removed without notice. Continued abuse by a member may result in revocation of membership and forfeiture of any membership or listing fees paid.
    2. Users are encouraged to flag ads that violate these terms. Flagging advises the site administrator that an ad needs review.
    3. Ads must be kept current by renewing or editing the ad at least every 90 days. Ads with a Freshness date more than 120 days old may be disabled or deleted without further notice.
  2. Liability
    1. Glider Source cannot be held responsible for any material submitted to the site from individuals. This includes, but is not limited to the classified ads.
    2. Glider Source shall not be held responsible for any offence caused by material on the site.
    3. Glider Source will do all it can to prevent the propagation of computer viruses/spyware etc. but cannot be held responsible for any loss of data caused by viruses/spyware etc.
    4. Users should exercise caution for payment scams. Refer to this site for an example of payment scams in the aircraft sales industry.
  3. Copyright
    1. Text/images uploaded by users is considered to be copyrighted to the originating user.
    2. The design and programming code of Glider Source is protected by copyright.
  4. Privacy
    1. Information registered at the Glider Source is treated as secure and will not be divulged to any third party.
    2. Glider Source does it's utmost to protect personal data but cannot be held responsible in the case of the data being taken without permission (e.g. in the instance of "hacking").
    3. It is recommended that any passwords used on the site are different to those used in other circumstances (e.g. online banking, email and ISP accounts).
  5. Membership
    1. Registration (Membership) ensures the contact email address is functional and can receive messages in relation to the ad.
    2. Membership is required to post an ad, as it ensures that the ad author can be contacted.
    3. Membership is not required to read or access ads.
    4. Registrations not completed by clicking on the link in the confirmation email within 2 days may be deleted.
    5. Registrations created with invalid domain names will be deleted.
    6. Glidersource may at any time and without notice, change the features offered with free membership.
    7. Glidersource may offer an enhanced "power user" membership with additional features that are not required for basic site functionality (posting a basic ad, and reading ads), in order to increase the effectiveness of Power User ads, and enhance the user experience.