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Posts by Manfuacturer Schempp-Hirth

Ventus b 16.6 for sale
VENTUS B 16.6 Serial number 207. Year 1984
Schempp-Hirth (3) (Pretoria South Africa) posted by Hanno du Toit (1) on 11/07/2016
Wing wheel for Schempp-Hirth Motorglider
Original wing wheel from a 2006 Ventus 2cxM. Will fit most Schempp glider.
Schempp-Hirth (3) ( Minden, NV) posted by Serge Serfaty (2) on 01/07/2018
Fuel bladder for Schempp-Hirth
Fuel bladder from a Ventus 2CxM
Schempp-Hirth (3) ( MInden, NV) posted by Serge Serfaty (2) on 01/02/2017 Updated on 01/26/2017