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AVIASTROITEL(1) Glider AC-4 Aviastroitel
Glider AC-4 is a single type of ultralight glider.
$21,000 ( Russia) posted by Alex (1) on 10/28/2015
We sell new gliders Aviastroitel AC-4

     Major Russian production company «Aviastroitel» produces and sells gliders "Aviastroitel
(ultralight, single-seat)
. Installation
of the engine (
gasoline, jet), rescue system,
individual design and other customer
requirements are possible.
    Our gliders are notable for affordable price and
excellent quality
    Our gliders are recommended throughout the world and are recognized by FAI,   Department of Transportation USA.
Contact us to get a more detailed description of
our glider
Price 20 000 Euro.

     Also the following types of gliders are on offer:
  • Glider Aviastroitel
    AC-5M (single-seat, with a motor set). Price 30 000 Euro.
  • Glider Aviastroitel AC-7M (two-seat, cruise).
    Price 40 000 Euro.
  • Glider Aviastroitel AC-7 (two-seat, sport).
    Price 40 000 Euro.

Skype: aviastroitel

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