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LET(1) Blanik L-23 wing tip Extensions
L-23 Super Blanik wing tip extensions
$700 ( Saratoga Springs, NY) posted by Tim Hanke (2) on 09/20/2017


The L-23 Super Blanik wing tip extensions, one meter each, increasing the wing span to over eighteen meters. The new removable all-metal wingtips are fully interchangeable with the standard fiberglass tips. The exchange takes just 10 minutes for both sides. Wing span is increased from 16.2 to 18.2 meters (53.1' to 59.7'). Wing surface area is enlarged from 19.15 to 20 square meters (206.1 to 215.2 sqft). Aspect ratio is 16.5, empty weight 310 kgs (683.5 lbs), maximum take-off weight with one pilot 420 kgs (926.3 lbs), with two pilots 510 kgs (1,124.6 lbs). Performance is increased to 32:1, with sink speed 0.82 meters per second (161 fpm) at 88.4 km per hour (47.8 kts) and at weight 502 kgs (1,107 lbs). Maximum speed is 225 km per hour (124 kts). No aerobatics are permitted with wing tip extensions on. The eighteen-meter Blanik retains the excellent handling properties of the standard Super Blanik, and performs better in the 65 to 100 km per hour (35 to 54 kts) range.

We have sold our L23's over the years and no longer need to have these.

Asking $700 plus any actual shipping costs.

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