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All Glider are brand new with international warranty
$4200 ( switzerland) posted by Greg (1) on 12/01/2017

All Glider are brand new with international warranty 

Paraglider UP TRANGO XC3 (90-110 Kgms) EN C Glider == 1,499 Euros
Ozone Slalom 16 Power Glider for Paramotor, Powered Paraglider == 1,900 Euros
Tandem paraglider OZONE Magnum II brand new 2017 == 2,340 Euros
Flat Top Ninja Paramotor #1 Powered Paraglider Safety & Performance Paragliding == 4,830 Euros
Eden 6 Paraglider, Mac Para 2017 == 2,050 Euros
Swing Sensis paraglider + Swing Connect Reverse Evo harness & Escape reserve == 2,450 euros
MacPara Velvet Powered Paraglider Wing for Paragliding == 1,999 Euros
Axis Comet II Brand New Paraglider == 1,200 Euros
Moster185-on-titanium-carbon-frame-20-5-kG-45Lb = 4,200 Euros
Adventure-Pluma-With-Dual-Start-Moster-185-Carbon-Fiber-Powered-Paraglider = 6,240 Euros

All glider are available in the store now.
Mr Greg

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